Sales Strategy in the New Normal

We asked the community which of several topics you’d like us to cover in the next Webinar in our 2021 series. The winner was Sales Strategy in the New Normal, so please join us for this webinar on either the 13th or the 20th of April.

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 salespeople, a robust sales and channel strategy involves deciding: 

  • Where to Compete (which product and service categories, customer segments and channel types you want to focus on) and  
  • How to Compete (which sources of competitive advantage will allow your sales team and channel managers to create and capture more value than your competitors). 
  • When to Compete (the timing of any strategic moves, and how you will use options to respond to uncertainty).

The basis on which these decisions are made was already shifting rapidly in response to a variety of shocks, ranging from the impact of technology, to changing customer preferences. The economic and social impact of the pandemic has only accelerated those changes.

Join Richard Barkey, Imparta’s Founder and CEO, and a sought-after speaker on sales, customer experience and strategy, to explore: 

  • The essential components of a sales and channel strategy.
  • How to codify and test your existing sales strategy.
  • The journeys your customers are on, at this stage of the pandemic.
  • How to adapt your sales and channel strategy in the light of those journeys, and the corresponding changes in customer preferences, behaviour, and needs – as well as the changes within your own team. 
Richard Barkey

Webinar 1
Date: Tuesday 13th April
Time: 4:00pm (BST) / 11am (EST)
Duration: 90 mins

Webinar 2
Date: Tuesday 20th April
Time: 4:00pm (BST) / 11am (EST)
Duration: 90 mins