Handle Overdue Debt

Business-Critical Interventions:

Handle Overdue Debt

What does it cover?

This Business-Critical Intervention is designed to help sales, service and collections teams to have effective conversations with customers who are late or unable to pay invoices. This is an increasingly common situation as the pandemic progresses, and will continue to be a factor throughout the resulting global recession. Bad debt can have a significant impact on the balance sheet, so it’s critical to create solutions that work for both parties, and put you at the top of the list for customers with multiple creditors. This intervention, which is a half-day virtual training course, draws on Imparta’s long experience with effective service and collection conversations.

How does it work?

This Business-Critical Intervention uses up-front communication, contextualized eLearning and/or virtual instructor-led training, application tools, manager support, on-demand coaching and reinforcement.